With today's busy lifestyles, crowded highways, and high gas prices, not to mention the cost of one-to-one face time with a professional, it isn't very reasonable to think of going to a Clinic five days per week to work with a therapist. But, with home-based tools a family can find 30 to 60 minutes per day, five days per week, to work with their child on meaningful and effective practice exercises at home. In this way, a home-based program makes a lot of sense, it saves time, its saves dollars, and it has the potential to be more effective with good follow through.

Everyone has the tendency to procrastinate and avoid unpleasant tasks in life, it is only natural. Struggling students tend to avoid their challenges, practice less, and fall further behind. A turning point comes with a decision to commit to daily practice. Now, a new challenge begins. A person soon realizes that the decision to commit has to be made over and over again. Our doctors & staff can help by coaching the process. We can remind you of your goals. We can help by pushing and motivating for a little bit more. With Internet data recording your homework, we can keep you honest (like a coach with a stopwatch) and share the reality of where you are relative to where you want to be.

Frequent and consistent practice is the key. If a person decides to start an exercise routine, but only exercises one day per week, do you think that person will get in good physical shape? Probably not. But if the person exercises five days per week tremendous changes will be experienced.

With desire, motivation, and the devotion to practice, improvements will come. But first, a decision has to be made, what to practice? Some skills and abilities have to be present before others can be mastered. If prerequisites are absent, then a student can spin their wheels trying to learn advanced skills and materials. Our doctors & staff will provide the knowledge, experience, and wisdom in choosing what to practice next to advance towards your goals efficiently.


Does it work? It certainly does, as long as there is dedication, motivation, consistent practice, professional monitoring, coaching and redirecting. Like walking down a path, each step might seem small, but in the end a person can cover a long distance and look back and marvel at where he/she has come from. It all begins with deciding to take the first step.

PROGRAM FLOW (what to expect)

  • Functional-Vision-Evaluation: Involves comprehensive functional vision evaluation including checks of binocular, accommodative (focus), and eye tracking skills.
  • Enrollment: Choice of, and enrollment in, a skill development course. Treatment begins with dispensing and training on the use of prescribed software tools, setting initial goals and setting progress expectations.
  • "Red Flag" Tracking: Our doctors & staff review Internet data to assure the student is progressing well toward his/her goals. Phone or e-mail contact is made if coaching is necessary.
  • Progress Visits: Frequency is set depending upon the program or condition being treated. Many of the courses involve progress visits once per month. These progress visits may happen face-to-face in-clinic, or in some circumstances they can be completed at-a-distance via the Internet & phone. The progress visit involves personalized review of progress, completions, counseling, and coaching for next steps. The visit may also include retesting of important parameters for tracking progress.


Q: I'm receiving Clinic-Based therapy. Do I really need to do home-based therapy too?

A: In most cases home-base therapy will be prescribed to supplement and practice the skills you are learning in the Clinic. Unless you happen to be coming to the Clinic three times per week for sessions, progress with only Clinic-based therapy will be rather slow compared to progress if you happen to be practicing skills on a daily basis.

Q: Does insurance cover home-based therapy programs?

A: Your home-based program will require tuition and materials and periodic medical services. Tuition & materials are not billable to your insurance and must be paid privately. It may be possible to pay your tuition & materials with your flexible spending account or health savings account (check with your plan for confirmation). Only the medical services are billable to your insurance. For home-based programs this usually means the once per month doctor's visits to evaluate and manage your treatment progress. These are essential visits for all at-a-distance programs and cannot be skipped if we are to guide your treatment effectively. While the monthly office visits are billable to your insurance coverage is not guaranteed and subject to copays, coinsurance, and deductibles.

Q: I live close to your clinic, can I still do a home-based program?

A: You certainly can. But a combination of in-clinic vision training with prescribed home based activities is the most effective plan, so we will recommend the combinied program first and foremost as the best practice approach in most situations.

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